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Give your employees the confidence they need

Our Japanese language workshops are designed to help you grow your next generation sales leaders

How to build and effective business network

Non confrontational Negotiations

Growing and keeping your millenials

Our Workshop Line-up

1:Negotiation skills for next generation leaders

~ An easy guide to set yourself up for successful negotiations for future leaders! ~

This course focuses on how to prepare your negotiations so as to avoid confrontation and create a value proposition for both your own company and the company you are negotiating with.

Learning how to prepare for negotiations will take the fear of confrontation off the table and make your future leaders more confident and successful in fulfilling their objectives

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    の検討、内装デザイン・仕様の変更 等


    の検討、内装デザイン・仕様の変更 等

2:Growing and Keeping your next generation leaders

~ How to fill the generation gap and grow your team

Especially in sales teams, there is a high turn over when it comes to the  younger generation. We find a high percentage of that is due to communication issues with their leaders. 

 This workshop for team leaders discusses two main patterns of communications that seem to be most effective at answering the younger generation's expectations. 

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3:How to build an effective business network

~ building long lasting connections by providing value ~

Networking events are a seen as a must by the older generation, but often regarded as a chore by the younger generation. Why spend your time talking to people you are not interested in about something they are likely not interested in, when you could use Facebook, Linkedin, etc?

Our workshop shows how one can bring value to a networking event, and how to build trust based valuable relationships they will keep over the long term, by using SNS as a tool to support your activities, (not replace them) 


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