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Leadership Team

Carlo La Porta

Managing Director

Carlo’s professional career is focused on selling and delivering solutions in Japan. Having lived and worked in Japan for 30 years within multi-national, multi-lingual and multi-cultural organizations, with experience in America and Europe, Carlo is very familiar with both local and western business practices in the fields of negotiation and sales. He believes it is necessary to empower teams in order to allow them to perform at their best and established "Mpowered Sales Co., Ltd." to support CEOs in their quest to maximize the motivation and performance of their teams. Carlo has worked for KPMG Consulting Japan, Bearingpoint, Lowendal Masai Japan (now Ayming Japan) and Thomson Financial Services. Clients he has worked with include McDonalds , Hitachi, Konami, Oclaro, Sakura, Veolia Waters, Vodafone, Luxottica, GAP and many others. Carlo attended university in Tokyo where he focused his studies on international trade in Japanese. He holds the N1 Japanese language certification and is multilingual (Japanese, English, Italian, French and some German) Carlo has also completed multiple courses and trainings for negotiations, B2B sales skills, Solution sales skills, sales team management, project management, data analytics, and coaching and is an avid reader.

Chris Taylor 

Lead Analyst

Chris has been involved in various forms of math and data modeling for over 25 years.

Since earning his Ph.D. in 1999, he has been active in projects that enhance the forecasting capabilities and data processing automation of global companies in various industries. In recent years, he has provided AI solutions for the financial industry for investment funds focusing on algorithmic trading systems. He is responsible for the development and analysis of AI used in arbitrage formulation and market analysis in MAPS © and negotiations.

• Ph.D. In Mathematical Sciences, University of Liverpool •AztraZeneca plc, UK/Eli Lilly & Co, (Singapore) / Adaptive Biosystems Ltd / RKR Capital

In his spare time Chris likes to write short stories and books, and travelling.

Keiko Matsuzaki

Marketing / Office manager

After graduating from Gakushuin University with a degree in Law, Keiko joined Sony Marketing Corporation where she was in charge of marketing for VAIO brand of computers. She was then transferred to Sony Corporation where she was in charge of business strategy to build and execute marketing strategies for the VAIO brand of computers in US and Canada, Latin America. Then Keiko transfered Sony Style (now Sony Store )where she was in charge of merchandising for Walkman© and headphones. After that, she transferred  to Sony Europe E.V and supports the delivery of projects, oversees marketing and office management.
In her spare time, Keiko likes to teach the culture of British tea.