Negotiation Skill-Up Camp

  • Our Business Networking Camp shows how to bring value to a networking event, and how to build trust based valuable relationships that will last for the long-term. With an emphasis on the change management of younger generations (that often regard networking as a chore), we help empower your team to act independently, and take the initiative for immediate change.

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Solve Key Communication Issues


・Negotiate with confidence and mutual trust
・Develop clear goals and control the outcome of negotiations

主要なビジネス推進要因をブレイクスルー/ 再定義を行います。主商談における信義誠実の原則の実践をします(入念な準備、誠実さと信頼)。

  • The benefits of Negotiation Skill-Up Camp
  • 1.Develop novel new approaches to the negotiating table
    →The Mpowered Camp is built on three key pillars: Mpowerment, Change Management, and Execution. With a unique emphasis on arbitrage skills, our Negotiation Skill-Up Camp highlights how meticulous preparation is a powerful weapon essential to building solid relationships on mutually beneficial value propositions. Whether a veteran in need of a brush-up or a next-generation leader still learning the ropes, we can help equip your team to negotiate with confidence.
  • 2.A pragmatic, readily-integratable framework
    →The Mpowered Camp consists of collective training sessions reinforced by breakout discussion groups. This workshop format encourages participants to consider how they can personally apply these processes and systems to perform effectively within the context of their own specific roles.

    The program provides negotiation skills to secure sustainable, long-term “Win-Win” relationships that balance the needs of your own company and your potential business partners. Our method paves the road toward effective management, galvanizing team members to take ownership and voluntary initiative beyond the scope of direct orders from above.

  • 3.Workshop format reinforced with roleplay and discussion
    →Wisdom comes from experience (and plenty of practice). The Mpowered Camp consists of collective training sessions on how to approach negotiation prep, identify challenges facing your company, and articulate solutions. These sessions are followed by highly interactive discussion groups which further reinforce these negotiation skills in practice. The program can be flexibly tailored upon request according to your company’s industry of expertise and business model*. In order to make the most of this workshop’s arbitrage skills, we recommend extensive roleplaying to fully identify and rehearse company-specific issues. *(Corporate Camp only)

Program Flow

Lay the foundation (4 hours)
1. Negotiation prep: fundamentals and style
2. Advance negotiation prep: a primer
• Ascertain/define the overall negotiation outline
• Set goals
• Perform due diligence on the negotiation partner
• Establish the arbitrage terms
3. Mock negotiation (roleplay)
• Effective use of agendas
• Respond to partner counteroffers
• How to handle haggling and attempts to modify the terms of negotiation
• Methods for reaching mutual consensus


Build the framework (2 hours / 2 weeks after Step 1)
Negotiating isn’t easy, and one workshop isn’t always enough for each participant to internalize the natural touch. In Step 2 and Step 3, we rehearse the foundational skills acquired in Step 1 through intensive roleplay. After assessing how participants implemented the lessons learned in Step 1, we examine actual the successes and areas for improvement of each participant on an individual basis, followed up by further roleplaying to rectify any specific weaknesses.


Cap the roof (2 hours / 2 weeks after Step 2)
In Step 3, we reaffirm that participants have thoroughly acquired the toolkit presented in Step 1 and Step 3. Participants present their real-world results, sharing instances where they deployed the camp’s skills in actual negotiations. Together, we review success stories and areas for improvement identified by each participant, followed by further roleplaying to hone their skills. “

Choose the MCamp from our full lineup tailored to your company’s needs.

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Corporate Camp
We work together with your team to identify specific key issues faced by your company, reinforce understanding of your company’s guiding vision, and propose strategies to solve these issues together.
※You can choose Onsite Workshop or Online Workshop.
​Individual Camp
Open to participation from groups of individuals from various companies, the Individual Camp is ideal for sole proprietors and company representatives who would like to gain new perspectives and incorporate case studies from a diverse cross-section of industries.
※You can choose Onsite Workshop or Online Workshop.

Onsite Workshop

Experience our camps the traditional way: in person, face-to-face at the venue of your choice.1
1.Additional travel expenses may apply, depending on your desired venue location. Please contact us for further details. 2.Minimum of 5 participants per session. 3.Our camps are designed for a maximum of 20 participants per session. Please contact us to discuss accommodating larger groups.

Online Workshop

The full camp experience can also be enjoyed online.Our online workshops a convenient option for including remote members of your team, as well as implementing change across the various branches and subsidiaries of your company.
1.Minimum of 5 participants per session. 2.Our camps are designed for a maximum of 15 participants per session. Please contact us to discuss accommodating larger groups.”