Millennial Management Camp

  • The Millennial & Gen Z Management Camp equips business leaders to reduce young employee turnover rates, close the generation gap, and ensure that core messaging is being clearly conveyed across your team. Our workshops are modeled on our proprietary triage method, encouraging the continued, self-motivated growth of your young employees through Mpowerment, Change Management, and Execution.

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Solve Key Communication Issues


・Improve young employee turnover rates / close the generation gap
・Cultivate next generation leaders who take ownership and voluntary initiative

世代への理解、世代へのリスペクトから始め、権限移譲(Mpowerment)、適切な距離感、チェンジマネジメントを行い、自発的・即戦力となるミレニアル世代&Gen-Z世代を育成します。“頼りにされている” “会社の役に立っている” という満足感が生まれます。       

  • The benefits of Millennial Management Camp
  • 1.Overcome the communication gap
    →The Mpowered Camp is built on three key pillars: Mpowerment, Change Management, and Execution.

    Our workshops help foster cross-generational respect and understanding, building processes for the smooth management and empowerment of younger employees. Together, we help create an environment that encourages your Millennials and Gen Zers to become proactive and self-motivated individuals. When given the right management capabilities and a higher sense of purpose, this demographic can become a formidable asset not only today, but also for the future.

  • 2.A pragmatic, readily-integratable framework
    →The Mpowered Camp consists of collective training sessions reinforced by breakout discussion groups. This workshop format encourages participants to consider how they can personally apply these processes and systems to perform effectively within the context of their own specific roles. The program addresses a number of endemic issues, galvanizing team members to take ownership and voluntary initiative beyond the scope of direct orders from above.
  • 3.Workshop format reinforced with roleplay and discussion
    →The camp provides a crash course that analyzes the defining characteristics of each generation, followed by discussions that triangulate the specific issues faced by your company. Together, we articulate solutions to these challenges, guiding highly interactive roleplaying sessions that lead to solid adoption of the subject matter.

Program Flow

Lay the foundation (3 hours)
・Who are the Millennials & Gen-Zers? → Successful management methods → Identify the issues and challenges faced by each company → Introduce solutions to solve these challenges → Roleplay these issues and challenges



Build the framework (2 hours / 2 weeks after Step 1)
・Present the results of Step 1
・Discuss each foundational issue / Review progress, discussing examples of skills that were and were not successfully leveraged / Categorize these examples


Cap the roof (2 hours / 2 weeks after Step 2)
・Present the results of Step 2
・Confirm that the skills from Step 1 and Step 2 have been fully adopted institutionally

Choose the MCamp from our full lineup tailored to your company’s needs.

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Corporate Camp
We work together with your team to identify specific key issues faced by your company, reinforce understanding of your company’s guiding vision, and propose strategies to solve these issues together.
※You can choose Onsite Workshop or Online Workshop.
​Individual Camp
Open to participation from groups of individuals from various companies, the Individual Camp is ideal for sole proprietors and company representatives who would like to gain new perspectives and incorporate case studies from a diverse cross-section of industries.
※You can choose Onsite Workshop or Online Workshop.

Onsite Workshop

Experience our camps the traditional way: in person, face-to-face at the venue of your choice.1
1.Additional travel expenses may apply, depending on your desired venue location. Please contact us for further details. 2.Minimum of 5 participants per session. 3.Our camps are designed for a maximum of 20 participants per session. Please contact us to discuss accommodating larger groups.

Online Workshop

The full camp experience can also be enjoyed online.Our online workshops a convenient option for including remote members of your team, as well as implementing change across the various branches and subsidiaries of your company.
1.Minimum of 5 participants per session. 2.Our camps are designed for a maximum of 15 participants per session. Please contact us to discuss accommodating larger groups.”