Innovation Camp

  • What is the key to active innovation? The Mpowered Camp teases out the root causes of sluggish innovation, from organizational disconnect to lackluster corporate cultures and budgetary shortfalls. Together, we help formulate strategies to turbo charge your sales team, and transform your company into a perpetual innovative powerhouse.

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Solve Key Communication Issues


・Stimulate innovation
・Foster a cohesive team-oriented mindset

企業でイノベーションが進まない原因の1位は、社内政治・縄張り意識・組織の足並みのずれ。2位は企業文化。3位はリスクの予兆に対する反応の鈍さ。4位は予算不足。5位は戦略やビジョンの欠如です。※出典:ハーバードビジネスレビュー スコット・カースナ―(「イノベーション・リーダー」編集長記事より)

  • The benefits of Innovation Camp
  • 1.A pragmatic, readily-integratable framework
    →The Mpowered Camp consists of collective training sessions reinforced by breakout discussion groups. This workshop format encourages participants to consider how they can personally apply these processes and systems to perform effectively within the context of their own specific roles. The program addresses a number of endemic issues, galvanizing team members to take ownership and voluntary initiative beyond the scope of direct orders from above.
  • 2.Turbo charge your team
    →Our program empowers your team to promote a culture of communication and trust, acquiring strategies for intelligent risk management and surefire task execution. We help you create the framework to achieve a more sustainable business model, and sow the seeds for spontaneous, long-term innovation.
  • 3.End-to-end support, from identifying root problems to strategy planning
    →Innovation is not one-size-fits-all. Success varies widely by industry and on a company-by-company basis.
    Accordingly, our Innovation Camp places an emphasis on identifying issues specific to the unique circumstances of your own company. The program assists in articulating your company’s guiding vision, and helps create a framework for overcoming the hurdles to innovation. At our corporate camp, we work together to plan those internal strategies that can be immediately deployed within your organization upon the camp’s completion.

Program Flow

What is innovation?
Learn how to turn challenges into opportunities.


Identify key issues
Diagnose the root causes holding back innovation, from cultural issues to internal politics, organizational composition, and more.


Review innovation case studies
Review applicable precedents set by successful companies to triangulate the conditions needed to cultivate innovation and growth.


”Inovation method” framework
Acquire the practicable tenets that form the backbone of the Mpowered Camp’s proprietary three-pillar framework.


Formulate strategies tailored to your company *Corporate Camp only
Our Corporate Camp culminates in the creation of a roadmap that leverages steps 01 through 04 to formulate effective strategies for sustainable, long-term innovation within the specific context of your company.

Choose the MCamp from our full lineup tailored to your company’s needs.

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Corporate Camp
We work together with your team to identify specific key issues faced by your company, reinforce understanding of your company’s guiding vision, and propose strategies to solve these issues together.
※You can choose Onsite Workshop or Online Workshop.
​Individual Camp
Open to participation from groups of individuals from various companies, the Individual Camp is ideal for sole proprietors and company representatives who would like to gain new perspectives and incorporate case studies from a diverse cross-section of industries.
※You can choose Onsite Workshop or Online Workshop.

Onsite Workshop

Experience our camps the traditional way: in person, face-to-face at the venue of your choice.1
1.Additional travel expenses may apply, depending on your desired venue location. Please contact us for further details. 2.Minimum of 5 participants per session. 3.Our camps are designed for a maximum of 20 participants per session. Please contact us to discuss accommodating larger groups.

Online Workshop

The full camp experience can also be enjoyed online.Our online workshops a convenient option for including remote members of your team, as well as implementing change across the various branches and subsidiaries of your company.
1.Minimum of 5 participants per session. 2.Our camps are designed for a maximum of 15 participants per session. Please contact us to discuss accommodating larger groups.”