Business Networking Camp

  • Our Business Networking Camp shows how to bring value to a networking event, and how to build trust based valuable relationships that will last for the long-term. With an emphasis on the change management of younger generations (that often regard networking as a chore), we help empower your team to act independently, and take the initiative for immediate change.

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Solve Key Communication Issues


・Make the most of networking events
・Develop fruitful relationships with new clients

  • The benefits of Business Networking Camp
  • 1.Discover the true value of business networking, and build a platform for practicable action
    →The Business Networking Camp consists of collective training sessions to retool misconceptions about networking, replacing the oftentimes awkward image of networking events with pragmatic strategies for success. The necessity of business networking is then reinforced in interactive discussion groups, where all participants are guided to discover the processes that will be most effective for your team.
  • 2.Practice makes perfect: develop your own brand of networking through interactive roleplaying and guided implementation
    →In these breakout roleplaying sessions, team members explore the fineries of networking etiquette and strategies for presenting your company’s products in a compelling light. Practice makes perfect, and we help your team acquire the practicable skills to network naturally. Your team will learn to formulate an effective elevator pitch tailored to your company’s products/services, and master the art of the first impression.
  • 3.Acquire the skills for 21st century relationship-building
    →Rolodexes are now a quaint relic from the past. Participants will discover how to strategically build a 21st century network, covering topics ranging from effective data handling to expectation management, the use of social media, and the forging of synergistic long-term relationships at networking events. This program will help ready your team for the brave new world of networking, and unlock untapped opportunities for improved sales.

Program Flow

01 Workshop ① (4 hours)
■ Why is it necessary to build a robust business network?
Discussion of the merits of curating your own unique business network
■ How to define clear networking goals and strategies
Set objectives to use your network effectively
Formulate goal-oriented strategies
■ The fine art of the first impression
Roleplay face-to-face introductions and first approaches
(Emphasis on in-person networking events)
Practice makes perfect, and roleplaying reinforces learning
■ Craft an elevator pitch: how/when to sell your self-introduction, and product/service
Remember the name/service offered by potential business partners
How to make potential partners remember your own name/service
Discussion of the perfect elevator pitch, and the creation of a pitch of your own
■ You’ve exchanged business cards. What next?
Obtain key information
Manage the interaction and expectations
■ Networking etiquette
Appropriate conversation length
Techniques for wrapping up conversations
How to navigate events and work the floor
■ Network maintenance and the use of social media
Keep contacts up to date on your developments
Hold events of your own


02 Workshop ② (2 hours)
Networking isn’t easy, and one workshop isn’t always enough for each participant to acquire the natural touch. In this second workshop, we breakdown the critical business processes to deepen participants’ understanding and familiarity with networking, reinforcing the skills to tackle their next networking event with confidence. After assessing how participants implemented the lessons learned in the first workshop, we examine actual the successes and areas for improvement of each participant on an individual basis, followed up by further roleplaying to rectify any specific weaknesses.

Choose the MCamp from our full lineup tailored to your company’s needs.

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Corporate Camp
We work together with your team to identify specific key issues faced by your company, reinforce understanding of your company’s guiding vision, and propose strategies to solve these issues together.
※You can choose Onsite Workshop or Online Workshop.
​Individual Camp
Open to participation from groups of individuals from various companies, the Individual Camp is ideal for sole proprietors and company representatives who would like to gain new perspectives and incorporate case studies from a diverse cross-section of industries.
※You can choose Onsite Workshop or Online Workshop.

Onsite Workshop

Experience our camps the traditional way: in person, face-to-face at the venue of your choice.1
1.Additional travel expenses may apply, depending on your desired venue location. Please contact us for further details. 2.Minimum of 5 participants per session. 3.Our camps are designed for a maximum of 20 participants per session. Please contact us to discuss accommodating larger groups.

Online Workshop

The full camp experience can also be enjoyed online.Our online workshops a convenient option for including remote members of your team, as well as implementing change across the various branches and subsidiaries of your company.
1.Minimum of 5 participants per session. 2.Our camps are designed for a maximum of 15 participants per session. Please contact us to discuss accommodating larger groups.”