• Give your employees the confidence they need to unleash the untapped power of your team. Our Japanese language workshops are designed to help you cultivate the next generation of sales leaders. Modeled on our proprietary M-Camp method, our lineup of intensive workshops provides an effective toolkit of skills to enact immediate change from the bottom up. Our camps show leaders how to sow the seeds for innovation and acquire new perspectives – the rewards are yours to reap.

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The reasons why people choose

Practical solutions to common challenges


“From high-turnover rates to stagnating innovation and the fine art of the sales pitch, we know that companies face a wide host of challenges. We work with participants in the M-Camp program to select five hot-topic courses to address these frequent challenges, or alternatively craft a fully customized curriculum flexibly tailored to your company’s most pressing needs. Throughout the process, we serve as the supportive coach, cheering you on to the finish line of personal and institutional growth.”
A method for comprehensive cultural change


The M-Camp is modeled on our proprietary triage method, embodying three pillars for continued, self-motivated growth: Mpowerment, Change Management, and Execution.
Speed-learning: intensive courses reinforced with roleplay and discussion


M-Camp consists of collective training sessions reinforced by breakout discussion groups. This workshop format encourages participants to consider how they can personally apply these processes and systems to perform effectively within the context of their own specific roles by using them on issues their are facing at that time.

Program list


Millennial Management Camp

This workshop for team leaders discusses two main patterns of communications that seem to be most effective at answering the younger generation’s expectations.


Innovation Camp

We help formulate strategies to turbo charge your sales team, and transform your company into a perpetual innovative powerhouse.


Negotiation Skill-Up Camp

This course focuses on how to prepare your negotiations so as to avoid confrontation and create a value proposition for both your own company and the company you are negotiating with.


Business Networking Camp

Networking events are a seen as a must by the older generation, but often regarded as a chore by the younger generation.