• Unleash your team’s untapped potential.
    Learn how to retool your sales processes and deploy change management to boost retention rates and maximize your team’s true power.
    – Set KPI/CPI targets that balance goals across all levels of your team.
    – Learn how to effectively delegate tasks to boost motivation and performance.
    – Leverage open communication to empower self-motivated change.

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Solve Key Communication Issues


Foster understanding of your company’s guiding vision across all employees   



Boost team motivation   



Elucidate issues and encourage objective analysis   


The reasons why people choose

Diagnose your sales team with AI-powered data analysis, and provide a roadmap to recovery


“After conducting thorough interviews with your sales team management and foot soldiers, we analyze the results with an AI-driven algorithm – also factoring in customer sales data – to articulate your sales team’s motivation and performance in tangible, numerical form.

Accordingly, we will help formulate a project roadmap to overcome the issues holding your team back.”

Visualize motivation through numerical metrics to formulate more effective KPIs/CPIs
We will accurately measure your team’s motivation and define a customized standard for evaluation which can be used as a base line to assess the impact of actions taken to improve motivation.
Implement detailed interviews and surveys to identify your team’s motivation levels, and boost retention rates
The program places an emphasis on the personal drive and goal-oriented awareness of each team member. By cultivating a self-motivated sales force that thinks independently and takes initiative to achieve a clear vision of their own role, we help to create a balanced team that navigates constantly evolving ground-level circumstances in harmony with management goals.

Program Flow

CEO/ HR& Sales leader interviews
Confirm leadership plans and understand what the issues they feel the teams have.


Data Analysis
Use of available data and leadership interviews to establish performance patterns and list questions to ask in the survey.


Survey send out and analysis
Survey are built $ sent out to all team Members replies are added to the Data sent for further analysis. Interview questions are designed.


Sales team interviews       


Based on performance braquets and replies to survey questions. 20+1 individuals are chosen for interviews.


Quantitative & quantitative report on motivation. Set a base score for motivation. Motivation impact cascade list of projects for higher motivation and performance.


Project Execution
We support the client in executing of the projects listed in the report using our change management methodology.


Measure impact of
Analyze new data against “phase 1” data to measure impact of projects and adjust as necessary.

Case study

Industry Import and distribution of consumer goods, with diverse client base(GMS, retail chains, etc)
Issue – Sales team motivation, sales efficiency.
– Sales force overly focused on Account management to the detriment of new business development.
Solution・Results Solution:
– Used market research to redefined USP and give confidence in uniqueness,
– Redesigned KPIs – Redesigned workflow, including workflow automation tool
– Increased revenue/sales person by 12%
– Doubled number of new accounts/quarter/sales person/td>
Industry Fashion accessory manufacturer, with diverse client base
Issue – Sales team motivation, Growing team turnover
– Strong reliance on discounts at the expense of the brand value, client dissatisfaction regarding (lack of) pricing strategy/fairness.
– Large number of returns, gaming
Solution・Results Solution:
– Redesigned sales process from a simple sale to a consultative process using data to support client merchandising needs.
– Design and execute training for the new sales process.
– Redefined KPIs
– Drop in sales force turnover by 20%
– Increased profitability per sales transaction (+16.4%), as well as revenue.
Industry Trading Company
Name Company G
Annual Sales Volume Closed


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