Success Stories + VOC

Ad Agency (2019)
■Client Story
・Scope: Select sales teams (60 accounts) + back office
・Program: Sales Cloud®
・Objective: Establish Salesforce® Solutions as the foundational bedrock of their sales force in order to improve operational efficiency, achieve standardization, and visualize performance to speed-up the decision-making process.    

■Sales Management Issues to Solve with Salesforce®
・As the bulk of the company’s internal reports were being filed in Excel, there were significant time-lags in their reporting process. Management was unable to ascertain project status and provide appropriate direction in real-time.
・An increase in administrative tasks (sales reports and sales quote processing) had left the team unable to focus on their actual sales prerogative.
・Employees had become individual rather than team players. Employees had ceased to share know-how with each other, precluding the synergistic accumulation of institutional, collective knowledge.

■Current Status
・Administrative Methods: The agency has successfully migrated all of their administrative tasks from cumbersome Excel to streamlined Salesforce® Solutions. They are currently in the process of following up operationally, and reevaluating their KPIs.
・Scope (Before): Select sales teams (60 accounts) + back office → Scope (After): Currently expanding across their entire sales team