• Comprehensive yet timely, intensive support tailored to your company’s needs. Together, we forge the foundation for effective management decision making using the Salesforce® Solutions.

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Solve Key Communication Issues


How to leverage Salesforce® to the fullest    

You’ve already introduced Salesforce®, but want to use it more efficiently    

You’re considering introducing Salesforce®, but aren’t yet sure how it can help you  

The reasons why people choose

Harness the power of our Salesforce® Solutions  
As part of our comprehensive “diagnostic package,” the program assesses your current data management environment and conducts interviews with pertinent team members to identify issues endemic to your sales processes. In response, we pinpoint strategies to close the gap and fully leverage the Salesforce® Solutions to help your company realize its full potential.
A streamlined toolkit designed with the end user in mind
The program formulates a Success Map that defines critical KPIs that resonate across all levels of your team, elaborates metrics for these new KPIs, communizes KPI naming, and designs a dashboard for goals, strategies, and deployment.
Bolster teamwide awareness and structural systematization
Curate change with three months of intensive problem-solving and three months of meticulous follow-up*(Note: Although designed as a six-month program, the timeline is flexible in response to your schedule.)
Formulate KPI input/update rules (who, when, why, how?), create an operational flow (who, when, for what purpose?), and define guidelines for integration with management strategy. Start to finish follow-up ensures these measures are fully institutionalized.

Program Flow

Step 1 How will Salesforce® help you?    


We begin by analyzing the needs and issues unique to your company, then draft an action plan that runs the gamut from your day-to-day operations to your ultimate goal.
In the subsequent steps, we demonstrate why Salesforce® is the logical choice for handling this workflow.Step2
Facilitate practical integration


After determining your Salesforce® goals, we help customize application to your actual work environment
■Set new KPI entry operators
■ Establish communized naming conventions
■ Design a dashboard based on your goals/strategies/KPI metrics
Articulate communized, company-wide conventions


Nip common issues in the bud, before they occur
■ Formulate an operational workflow: who, when, for what purpose?
(Integrate with management strategy)
■ Formulate KPI input/update rules: who, when, why, how?
“Preparation is half the battle.” We emphasize the creation of self-evident systems that will be appreciated and deployed by all members of your team.


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