Inner Motivation Camp
Corporate VMV

Camp Results

1:Ensure that day-to-day tasks help bring you closer to achieving your company’s overarching goals.

2:Improve employee engagement and turnover rates.

3:Increase stakeholder confidence and returns.

4:Achieve continued, sustainable growth in the teleworking era.

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  • How many members of your team, management included, would be able to articulate your company’s vision/mission in their own words? Now, how many have been reflecting this bigger picture in their own daily work?
    A U.S. study (1) suggests that the answer to these questions is a mere 7 percent of all employees. However, companies with an engrained, mutual understanding of these institutional values posted double the profits (2). Giving each member of your team this value compass fosters a sense of cohesion that will also guide your company toward the treasure chest of increased profit.
    ・It feels like our team lacks a shared awareness, and each member is acting according to their own interpretation of our goals.
    ・We’re hemorrhaging young employees and need to fix our retention rates.
    ・I want to create a sense of unity over the mid to long term.
    ・We’ve been inundated with too many one-off, seemingly inexplicable tasks.
    We can help resolve these and similar issues during our camps, introducing our proprietary support method to elucidate your company’s vision and mission.
    Everyone has untapped potential. It’s time to unleash the true power of your team, fostering self-motivated employees who do not merely act on orders, but can describe your mission in their own words, and take daily action in the service of this mission, as if it were their own baby.

    (※1) Robert S. Kaplan survey
    (※2) 10 Shocking Stats About Employee Engagement By by Martin Luenendonk 2019

Post-Camp Transformation

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・A cohesive teith your company’s goals.
・Increased efficiency by reducing the amount of time loam that brings the language and values of your company’s vision/mission to client interactions.
・A greater sense of cohesion across your team and alignment wst to “meaningless” tasks.
・Develop your roster of autonomous employees who are able to act independently to enhance your company’s value via the most time-efficient route.

  • Benefits of the VMV Camp
  • 1.Instills a sense of ownership
    ・Participants craft the VMV together as a team, ensuring a heightened sense of satisfaction that will allow the principles to take deeper root.
    ・By reinforcing a sense of ownership, participants will acquire the management skills to manifest the VMV through their day-to-day actions.
  • 2. A pragmatic, readily-integratable framework
    The Mpowered camp consists of collective training sessions reinforced by breakout discussion groups. This workshop format helps participants articulate their own thoughts while building on the input of others, encouraging them to consider how they can personally apply these processes and systems to perform effectively within the context of their own specific roles.
  • 3.Tenets reinforced with interactive workshop format
    From breakout groups to presentations and 1-on-1 sessions, the camp utilizes multiple discussion formats to thoroughly triangulate your company’s key issues, engaging with challenges and solutions from multiple perspectives. We help demonstrate how these solutions would look when implemented in real-world contexts, providing a solid platform for issue resolution and the further refinement of management skills.

Program Flow

●Kick-off ●御社のビジョンミッション(VM)  


●日常業務に対するインパクト ●行動の項目設定


●VMをに日常業務に取り込む手法 ●VMを対顧客行動に落とし込む手法


●成功基準と目標設定手法 ●コミニュケーション&プラン策定方法


●実行/コミニュケーションプラン ●相棒プラン/PDCAプラン ●Wrap up

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