Inner Motivation Camp
Delegation & Risk Management

Camp Results

1:Acquire management skills to create the next generation of self-sufficient, self-motivated leaders

2:Stimulate employee engagement/stave employee turnover

3:Boost team productivity

4:Achieve continued, sustainable growth in the teleworking era

  • 内発的モチベーション解放Campのイメージ画像

  • “My employees sit around waiting for marching orders.”
    “Now that my team’s working remotely, it’s hard to gauge their actual progress.”
    “The cross-generational communication gap is holding our team back.”
    “I feel disconnected from my employees and want to close the gap.”
    Does your team think independently and take self-motivated action? Or do they sit around waiting for instructions, allowing their hidden potential to go untapped?
    The Inner Motivation Camp is a series of workshops designed to unleash the inner motivation of your team, polishing the management acumen needed for the teleworking era, from strategies for improved team communication to the acquisition of delegation skills and effective change management.
    It’s important that management understands how to effectively delegate and make it clear to the employee why they are being entrusted with specific tasks. Effective delegation gives team members a greater sense of satisfaction and a renewed commitment toward improving the world with their contributions at the company, accelerating change across the entire team.
    Expediently and effectively transform your team from employees waiting on standby to self-starters who think for themselves and take action to achieve goals.
    Especially in the teleworking era, when it’s arguably harder than ever to maintain open communication channels with clients and team members, we are here to taxi you to takeoff on a flightpath toward sustainable growth and increased profit.

Post-Camp Transformation


・Minimize push-back against self-assessment
・Reduce perception gaps, align interests, and foster a sense of cohesion
・Promote transparency and shared awareness of when to report, contact, and consult
・Create a team that performs in line with management’s ideal schedule
・Facilitate easier oversight over your entire team, making it easier to manage budgetary risk

  • Inner Motivation Camp
    Delegation & Risk Management
    The Mpowered Method
  • 1.Proprietary method unleashes inner motivation
    ・Acquire a balanced set of management skills, from understanding and respect for Millennials and Gen Zers to understanding and use of teleworking, and delegation management skills.
    ・Learn effective, not wholesale, delegation techniques to promote self-motivation and cultivate autonomous employees who think independently and act proactively.
  • 2. A pragmatic, readily-integratable framework
    The camp consists of collective training sessions reinforced by breakout discussion groups. This workshop format helps participants articulate their own thoughts while building on the input of others, encouraging them to consider how they can personally apply these processes and systems to perform effectively within the context of their own specific roles. Through extensive rehearsing and roleplaying, participants make the tenets discussed in the camp their own, graduating from targeted “lesson” to sustainable skill.
  • 3.Learning reinforced by multiple mediums
    From individual sessions to pair work, breakout discussion groups and presentations, the camp utilizes multiple discussion formats to thoroughly triangulate your own team or company’s key issues, clearly elucidating the challenges and solutions for each, providing a solid platform for issue resolution and the further refinement of management skills.

Program Flow

01Lay the foundation
●Kick-off ●Who are the Millennials & Gen-Zers? ●What is teleworking? ●Log in to the telework era


02Build the framework
●Enrich understanding through roleplay


03Cap the roof
●Cement understanding through repeated roleplay ●Acquire sustainable skills through the PDCA and buddy system ●Wrap-up

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