​ ​Unleash Your Sales Force

​​​Understanding and overcoming the barriers to motivation and performance

There are many factors that determine the success of a sales person. Their eagerness to do the job, and their ability to negotiate are two factors Mpowered Sales K.K. believes are key in Japan. We have developed two solutions specifically for the Japanese market, taking into account the difficulty (or lack of enthusiasm) some team members have towards changing.
In today’s environment, having a productive and motivated sales team in Japan is an increasingly difficult challenge. Outdated beliefs held by the senior members of the team can be as harmful to performance as the hard to fulfill needs of millennials.
Mpowered Sales Japan has developed methodology and technology that helps separate the gripes from the issues and prioritize the ones likely to have the biggest impact on the ability of your sales team to be motivated and perform. We follow this with a change management methodology that includes and empowers the sales team to integrate and make the changes required their own.